About Us was created in May 2014 to fill a void in the integrated use of e-commerce in the auction industry. It is determined to establish and operate a honest, fair and professional auction online platform in the region with the experience and know how to serve the customer to the highest standards possible in the industry.

We believe that our continuing education and use of technolgy will deliver to our customers the best experience possible and strive to be your preferred online auction platform. 




We aim to be the leading provider of quality online auction services in Singapore and the region. 



We recognize the significance of e-commerce in the auction industry and are committed to uphold the quality of innovation, customer satisfaction and services to all our clients. 



Our qualified and professional team is committed to the delivery of quality services to meet our customers’ expectation.

We will, at all times, be truthful, transparent and professional in our representation, communications and actions. We aim to maintain fairness and honesty in our claims and commitment about all our products, services and policies.

Customer Care
Dedication to every client. We treat all our customers with utmost respect and do our best to achieve their objectives during their experience with us.

Our policies are clearly defined to minimize miscommunication with our clients. Our processes and systems have been developed to ensure clear, accurate and timely communication to all customers and dealers.

Our staff are trained to deliver quality and consistent customer service to achieve customer satisfaction. We are also committed to exceed our customers’ expectations by ensuring our services are effectively managed. We are committed to innovate where it matters to our clients, our company and to the world.